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Ron Artest Photo Shoot Dec 2010
Ron Artest, producer Gary Foster and others prepare for the photo shoot, for his PSA for mental health. LAC-DMH Chief Deputy Director Dr. Robin Kay...
Ron Artest Photo Shoot Dec 2010 (2)
Ron Artest is miked for his photo shoot for mental health.
Ron Artest's Interview with Dr. Alysa Solomon, Dec 2010
LAC-DMH social inclusion program director Dr. Alysa Solomon interviews LA Laker star Ron Artest, Dec 2010
School Psychiatrist
Chief school psychiatrist Dr. Marion Firor, seen here with toys used in play therapy, discusses the importance of having more psychiatrists. Los...
Slam Dunk!
Ron Artest slam dunks during the shoot for his PSA for mental health, "You Can Do It," Dec 2010
Social Worker
A social worker plays with a child. Los Angeles Times, 5/3/51
Stella March and Metta World Peace join to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2013
Dr. Marvin Southard, Robin Kay, Stella March, Metta World Peace
Steven Mayberg and Stella March
State Director Steven Mayberg and NAMI leader Stella March at the SHARE awards
Stockton State Hospital 1910
Men's Department at Stockton State Hospital 1910
Stockton State Hospital 1910 (2)
Women's Department at Stockton State Hospital 1910
Supervisor Kenneth Hahn
John M. Stahl, left, campaign chairman for the County Association for Mental Health, and Barbara Whiting receiving from Supervisor Kenneth Hahn a...
Tom Arnold and Dr. Marvin Southard
Tom Arnold and LAC-DMH Director Dr. Marvin Southard at SHARE awards 2009