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Mrs. Arthur R. Marshall
Mrs. Arthur R. Marshall, a mental health leader in the San Fernando Valley Valley. Los Angeles Times, 5/25/59
Mt. Sinai Hospital Psychiatry Staff
Important staff from the new psychiatry department at Mt. Sinai Hospital. From left, Dr. Frank Alexander, Ludwig von Bartalanffy, and Dr. Steven...
Napa State Hospital
Early 20th century postcard of Napa State Hospital, opened in 1875.
Los Angeles Times, 8/27/50
Pacific State Hospital
Dee Landrum holds an infant at Pacific State Hospital. Los Angeles Times, 8/18/69
Pam Inaba and Ron Schraiber
Pam Inaba LACCC and Ron Schraiber
Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic
A mother accompanies her son into the Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic, which, at the time, was the only full-time clinic in the San Gabriel Valley....
Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic - Play Therapy
Dr. M. B. Durfee, head psychiatrist at the Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic, engages in play therapy with a young patient. Los Angeles Times, 8/23/55
Play Therapy
Reiss-Davis Clinic psychologist Dr. Alan Glasser studying a boy's emotional disturbances through play therapy. Los Angeles Times, 8/21/55
Psychiatric Social Worker
Working to understand the causes of emotional upset, psychiatric social worker Helen Joyce talks with an inmate in the girls' ward of a...
Ron Artest and PSA Producer Gary Foster
Ron Artest meets Gary Foster, producer of his PSA for mental health, "You Can Do It," while Dr. Robin Kay and Dr. Alysa Solomon look on
Ron Artest during his interview with Dr. Alysa Solomon
Artest delivers his message encouraging people to seek help for mental health issues during this interview with Dr. Alysa Solomon of LAC-DMH, Dec 2010