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Ink Blot Test
Dr. W. Lucas, a clinical psychologist at the Reiss-Davis Clinic, administers a Rorschach ink blot test to this young patient to try to discover the...
Insulin shock therapy
Patients with mental disorders were often given repeated doses of insulin to induce coma, a common practice in the US from 1933 until the late 1960s.
Jim Allen and Dr. Kathleen Daly
Dr. Kathleen Daly, Deputy Director, LAC-DMH, and Mr. Jim Allen
John Richard Elpers
J. R. Elpers, MD, Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health 1978-84
L.A. State Mental Hygiene Clinic
A mother and her son enter the L.A. State Mental Hygiene Clinic, one of 12 full-time clinics in L.A. County that served emotionally-disturbed...
Leaving Sepulveda Veterans Hospital
A recently-discharged psychiatric patient leaves the Sepulveda Veterans Hospital. Los Angeles Times, 12/12/65
Lights, Camera, Action, at Ron Artest Photo Shoot
Ron Artest getting ready to shoot some baskets for his PSA for mental health, "You Can Do It," Dec 2010
Neurologist Walter Freeman introduced the transorbital lobotomy procedure, for the control of behavioral symptoms at George Washington University in...
Margaret Whiting & Others
Singer Margaret Whiting, Jack Warner Jr., center, Director of the County Association for Mental Health, and District Attorney McKesson present a flag...
State Department of Mental Hygiene staffer Dr. Portia Bell Hume talks to Superior Judge J. Howard Ziemann during a meeting in which she outlined the...
Mental Health Foundation Gifts
Occupational Therapist Sally Norell and a young boy assist the Mental Health Foundation executive committee chairman, E.H. Lewis, in loading some of...
Mental Health Survey Commission Study
Lawrence T. Cooper (left), chairman of the Mental Health Survey Commission, and Dr. Wayne McMillen work on plans for an 18-month study on mental...
Metropolitan State Hospital Admin Building
Administration Building at Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, California. Metro State opened in 1915.