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Cue Cards for Ron Artest Photo Shoot
Cue Cards help Ron Artest get his message across in his PSA for mental health, "You Can Do It," Dec 2010
Dee Andrews
Dee Andrews
DeWitt State Mental Hospital
DeWitt State Hospital, Auburn, California, ca. 1950
Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center
Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center, originally founded in 1942, is an LAC-operated clinic on Venice Boulevard in West LA.
Dora Heffner and David Williams ca 1950
Dora Shaw Heffner, State Director of Mental Hygiene, and David Williams, MD, Superintendent and Medical Director, Mendocino State Hospital, 1947-51,...
Dr. Alysa Solomon interviews Ron Artest
LA Laker Star Ron Artest was interviewed by Dr. Alysa Solomon in Dec 2010 to share his message about seeking help with mental health issues.
Dr. George Tarjan
Dr. George Tarjan, a psychiatrist who specialized in child development and mental retardation.
Dr. H.R. Brickman
Dr. H.R. Brickman, Medical Director for California Youth Authority correctional facility in Norwalk, and later, founding director of LAC-DMH, 1960-...
Edward W. King, MD, Superintendent, Mendocino State Hospital, ca. 1895
Edward Warren King, MD, First Superintendent, Mendocino State Hospital, 1893-1912
A woman demonstrates an electroencephalograph. Los Angeles Times Photo Morgue
Electroencephalograph - 2
An electroencephalograph is demonstrated on a patient. Los Angeles Times, 8/14/54
Elyn Saks and Dr. Alysa Solomon
Dr, Alysa Solomon of DMH interviews USC law professor Elyn Saks
Fairview State Hospital Interview
Wanda Fitzpatrick, center-left, was one of 13 defendants in a case involving battery charges against workers at Fairview State Hospital. Fitzpatrick...
Fairview State Hospital Seclusion Room
A seclusion room in the highly emotionally disturbed-ward at Fairview State Hospital. The room measures 11x7 feet. Los Angeles Times, 4/4/63
Fairview State Hospital Workshop
A young patient uses a sander in the Fairview State Hospital workshop. Los Angeles Times, 4/4/63
Fred C. Nelles School for Boys
Young delinquents at the Fred C. Nelles School for Boys in Whitter march to work. Los Angeles Times, 6/26/55