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2009 NAMI Walk Nathaniel Ayres and Keris Myrick
Violinist Nathaniel Ayres and Activist Keris Myrick at NAMI Walk 2010
2009 NAMI Walk Stella March and Steve Lopez
NAMI leader and Stigma Buster Stella March and LA Times columnist Steve Lopez at NAMI Walk 2010
AMI-Los Angeles members, ca. 1980s
Virginia Wardwell, Peggy Richardson, Don Richardson, Mary Estes
Artest Scores for Mental Health
LA Laker Star Ron Artest recorded a PSA, "You Can Do It," for LAC-DMH in December 2010, encouraging people to ask for help from mental...
Artest Scores for Mental Health Dec 2010 (2)
Ron Artest scores a basket while filming his PSA, "You Can Do It," encouraging people to seek help with mental health issues, Dec 2010
Camarillo State Hospital - Courtyard
A child sits in the courtyard of the children's ward at Camarillo State Hospital, which, at the time, was the newest and largest psychiatric...
Camarillo State Hospital, Ventura County
Postcard illustration of Camarillo State Hospital, 1930s
Catherine Bond
Catherine Bond of the LACCC in 2009
Catherine Bond and John Ott
Consultant John Ott and Client Coalition leader Catherine Bond at the SHARE Awards
Chained to Radiator at Mendocino State Hospital ca 1950
Patients were often forcibly restrained for hours.
Chickens at Hatch Cottage 1953
Chickens at Hatch Cottage at Sonoma State provided both food and occupational activity.
Clifford Beers
National Mental Health Association founder Clifford Beers (1876-1943)
Copelands, Zed and Mary Ellen
Zed and Mary Ellen Copeland