Mental Health California Timeline (1850s to present)


LACDMH in partnership with UCLA’s Center for the Study of Public Mental Health launched “Transforming Tragedies”, a digital archive of the history of mental health and stakeholder voices, to help fight stigma and discrimination towards mental illness and individuals who have mental illness.  The partners also hosted the “Partnership for Mental Health” conference with a focus on the results of MHSA programming and the lessons learned.

LA County began implementation of its Prevention and Early Intervention Plan.

The California Mental Health Services Authority (CAlMHSA) formed by a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) of California counties, focused on the efficient delivery of California Mental Health Projects. Member counties planned to jointly develop, fund, and implement mental health services, projects, and educational programs at the state, regional, and local levels. 

LACDMH joined CalMHSA with approval from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.