Mental Health California Timeline (1850s to present)


California Senate Office of Research published “California’s Mental Health System: The History of Neglect.”

Realignment of mental health resources previously used for State Hospitals to County control, funds local programs from sales tax, removing “base” budget from annual legislative budget process.  Realignment created a Task Force to frame the structure of advisory boards consistent with the newly realigned mental health system.  As part of the Realignment, the Organization of Mental Health Boards (OMHAB) sunsets. 

Harbor View Adolescent Center established in Long Beach. 

The AB 904 Planning Council published the California Mental Health Master Plan in October.  Plan discussed the mission and philosophy of California’s mental health system, mental health resource allocation, and the planned system of care for children, adults and older adults; quality assurance, quality improvement and implementation.  Chapter 10 incorporated some of the critical elements to promote change and to develop systems of care for persons with serious mental illnesses and children with serious emotional disturbances, including recommendations for funding, processes needed to develop systems of care, timetables for change, and involvement of mental health constituency groups.