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The archives tell the nuts and bolts stories of mental health organizations and programs. Here are the letters, proposals, reports, flyers and brochures that explain how the PARTNERS program, the Village, Project Return, NAMI, and MHSA were conceived, developed and grew.

Key California Legislation: MHSA

The Mental Health Services Act of 2005 was passed by California voters as Prop 63 in 2004 to expand the innovative service programs already begun in the state for the severely and persistently mentally ill.  The State Department of Mental Health and the mental health advocates who wrote the legistlation saw the implementation of MHSA as requiring a "transformation" of the entire system to provide accessible, integrated, recovery-model services for this difficult population.  New initiatives in prevention and early intervention, workforce training, and stigma reduction were also part of the legislation.  Plans were to be developed with active stakeholder participation, including families and consumers, and outcomes monitored by a new Oversight and Accountability Commssion.  To fund the new programs and services, the MHSA created a new revenue source for mental health services through a surcharge tax on incomes over $1 million.  Although the legislation has had significant impact on programs and services throughout the state, budget shortfalls since the recession of 2008 have prevented realization of the planners' vision for MHSA.

PDF icon 2004 PEJ Wellness Overview201.94 KB
PDF icon 2005 Arcadia ACT Team Overview287.9 KB
PDF icon 2005 LA County DMH Adult Systems of Care Transformation Road Map190.32 KB
PDF icon 2005 Service Area Planning Goals for Engagement Tables549.16 KB
PDF icon 2005 Talking Points for Center Discussions on Transformation108.48 KB
PDF icon 2005 Statement and Principles for DMH Implementation of MHSA577.55 KB
PDF icon 2005 LA County Mental Health System's Community Services and Support Plan6.82 MB
PDF icon 2006 LA County DMH Fact Sheet: Authorization to Implement MHSA320.84 KB
PDF icon 2007 LA County DMH Adult System of Care Transformations-Recovery Based Levels of Outpatient Care3.53 MB
PDF icon 2007 LA County DMH: Our Future System, Making Changes that Promote Recovery and Resilience 1002.65 KB
PDF icon 2004 California Network of Mental Health Clients: Position Paper on MHSA1.38 MB
PDF icon 2004 Jay Mahler's Keynote on Mental Health Initiative512.13 KB
PDF icon 2004 CCCMHA Response to DMH Guidance on County Planning Draft1005.16 KB
PDF icon 2005 LA County DMH Adult Systems of Care Transformation Workgroup163.03 KB
PDF icon 2005 LA County DMH Update: Transformation of ASOC Table336.67 KB
PDF icon 2005 Summary of Estimated Funding Amounts by MHSA Component102.39 KB
PDF icon 2005 Family Wellness Center Proposal Draft800.19 KB
PDF icon 2005 Adult Workgroup Meeting Summary Pat Bowie181.57 KB
PDF icon 2005 MSHA & FY DMH Budget Planning Process: Adult Countywide Workgroup313.99 KB
PDF icon 2005 Compton Mental Health Proposal Draft477.06 KB
PDF icon 2005 Adult Workgroup Meeting Summary John Ott562.7 KB
PDF icon 2005 Edelman Westside Mental Health Center: ACT Team Proposal627.36 KB
PDF icon 2005 Long Beach-South Bay Mental Health Center: Clinic Transformation Project Draft1.71 MB
PDF icon 2005 Underrepresented Ethnic Populations (UREP) Work Group Final Report1.27 MB
PDF icon 2005 Hollywood Mental Health Center: Clinic Transformation Proposal 1.23 MB
PDF icon 2005 Compton Mental Health Transformation Proposal Draft507.61 KB
PDF icon 2005 John Ott Summary of Consensus to Date for CSS1.17 MB
PDF icon 2005 Components of a Transformed Adult System of Care Table157.8 KB
PDF icon 2005 Public Meeting Notice MHSA Flyer103.21 KB
PDF icon 2005 Results of Public Hearing on Draft Community Services and Supports Plan for LA County631.83 KB
PDF icon 2005 ASOC Big 7 Adult Full Service Partnership Program Staffing449.92 KB
PDF icon 2006 MHSA Full Service Partnership Proposed Budget Scenarios112.29 KB
PDF icon 2005-06 Cost Analysis of Existing Resources Transforming to Provide Recovery Services Tables527.63 KB
PDF icon 2006-07 ASOC-MHSA Transformation Budget Summary96.31 KB
PDF icon 2006-07 Community Services and Support Plan-Program Descriptions2 MB
PDF icon 2006 MHSA Transformation Agenda 251.62 KB
PDF icon 2006 MHSA Community Support Services Funding Breakdown377.79 KB
PDF icon 2006 ASOC Revised Curtailment/ Transformation Recommendations392.52 KB
PDF icon 2007 Mental Health Commission Delegate Selection 418.61 KB
PDF icon 2007 MHSA Community Services and Support Plan: Implementation Progress Report393.07 KB
PDF icon 2005 DMH-MHSA Stakeholder Input Process39.45 KB
PDF icon 2007 MHSA-CSS Growth Funding Plan16.73 MB
PDF icon 1999-2012 MHSA Growing Percentage Statewide Reimbursement for Direct Services Pie Charts368.62 KB
PDF icon 2010 Mental Health Funding and Policy Committee Financial Report50.96 KB
PDF icon 2009 MHSA Prevention and Early Intervention Plan for Los Angeles County10.5 MB
PDF icon 2003 First Draft of Mental Health Services Act1.32 MB
PDF icon 2003 MHSA Outline and Polling Data2.25 MB
PDF icon 2006 "Big Seven" Organizational Transformation Draft1.9 MB