Archival Repository

The archives tell the nuts and bolts stories of mental health organizations and programs. Here are the letters, proposals, reports, flyers and brochures that explain how the PARTNERS program, the Village, Project Return, NAMI, and MHSA were conceived, developed and grew.

County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health: Since first established in 1960, LAC-DMH has worked to provide effective mental health treatment and support services for the mentally ill in one of the largest and most diverse counties in the nation. As more patients were released from state hospitals, many to become part of the homeless and incarcerated populations, new programs had to be developed to provide housing and vocational rehabilitation, self-help and case management, treatment for mental disorders and co-occurring substance abuse, through directly operated and contract clinics. The struggle to balance the budget and make the best use of allocated funds has been ongoing. Since 2005, LAC-DMH has been working to implement MHSA programs effectively in all its clinics and to develop County plans, with Stakeholder input, for other MHSA components, such as Prevention and Early Intervention.